The project

Together is a live event tour focused around empowering women and providing a community to share, love, laugh and learn.

The problem

William Morris Endeavor (WME Live) needed a full, ground up re-brand and completely refreshed web presence for the Together tour in 2017. I had previously built the tour's first website, and while functional, it wasn't terribly engaging on a branding level.

The previous site's design was a handoff to me, designed by another designer using the previous branding standards. In order to increase interest and ticket sales, a new look needed to be created.

The solution

WME went to the best of the bunch, Emily Oberman's team at Pentagram, NYC. They created a knockout branding package, type standards and color palette to really speak to the brand and make it shout their message. I worked closely with WME as well as Emily and her team at Pentagram to create the new site, while keeping true to the vision Pentagram had for the brand.

At the same time, I was tasked with meeting the goals and expectation WME had set out for usability, performance, and ability for their team to make frequent updates to the content.

The technology

Front End Bourbon/Neat jQuery
Back End WordPress Advanced Custom Fields Shopify