I'm a Nashville based digital product designer, focusing on UI/UX, with a love of css.

I'm currently working on product design at Pantheon Platform.

Best in Travel

Best in Travel is Lonely Planet's yearly flagship campaign. This year's campaign is a bit of a break from the norm, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Destination pages are the bread and butter of Lonely Planet's website. They inform and inspire people about great places all over the world. We set out to redesign some key aspects of these pages, with a focus on page performance and user conversion.

Lonely Planet search

Most users who come to Lonely Planet have a destination in mind they'd like to research. A good search experience was crucial to ensuring our users end up where they want to go, with minimal hassle.

Image gallery

Lonely Planet is known for stunning photography. Having a robust and gorgeous image gallery is crucial for our users to become inspired to travel.

Lonely Planet Stories

Lonely Planet publishes an enormous amount of travel inspiration and news stories. We set out to improve the reading and engagement experience for our users on this portion of the website.

Homepage destination search

We set out to create a homepage masthead that pushed users into Lonely Planet's destination page experience.

The Mockingbird

The Mockingbird is a Nashville restaurant opened in 2017, and part of Morph Hospitality Group, spearheaded by celebrity chef Maneet Chahaun.


Together is a live event tour focused around empowering women and providing a community to share, love, laugh and learn.

Pro pixel pusher since 2004.

I was born and raised in Nashville, TN and I live here with my wife, our two boys, and Knox, the bluetick coonhound. I studied Graphic Design at the University of Tennessee, and I've been working as a designer since then at publishing companies, design, branding and custom software agencies, as well as TV production studios. Currently, I am working as the Lead Product Designer for the dotcom team at Lonely Planet.

Press checks, PMS colors and die files were my world for the first half of my career. In 2012 I decided to take my love of technology and try and merge that with my design experience. In 2012 I left my job to attend the Nashville Software School full-time. There I learned how to take my design knowledge and apply it to the world of front end development, and UI/UX design. It was challenging, but the best decision so far I've made in my career.

Passions include mountain bikes, 4x4's, sports, music, and watching my boys turn into amazing little men. Drop me a line, let's get in touch.



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Platforms HTML/CSS/SASS Javascript Git WordPress PHP Ruby on Rails (Front-end) Shopify
Software Full Adobe Suite Figma Sketch InVision Atom Quark XPress (yep)