The project

The Mockingbird is a Nashville restaurant opened in 2017, and part of Morph Hospitality Group, spearheaded by celebrity chef Maneet Chahaun.

The problem

The founders of the Mockingbird, Brian Riggenbach and Mikey Corona have very distinct styles, and very thoughtful ideas on their food, their brand, and their quality. They moved from Chicago after launching the hugely successful restaurant Yo Soy to start The Mockingbird. Mikey, a designer by trade, wanted the site to reflect his unique taste in color, typography, and layout. I worked very closely with him to make sure the design of the site matched up with what he had envisioned.

The solution

Using WordPress, and the Open Table API, we created a site that is fun to look at, works well on mobile, and allows the guys to regularly update the menu for new dishes, or specials.

The technology

Front End Bourbon/Neat jQuery
Back End WordPress Open Table API