The project

We set out to create a homepage masthead that pushed users into Lonely Planet's destination page experience.

The problem

Our homepage was centered around our article content. The masthead was using a revolving carousel of article content, and we found it was not well interacted with, and most users were immediately hitting our global search to find a destination page. We rethought what we could do with that masthead space, with the goal of getting users where they seemed to be going: destinations.

The solution

This component shows a revolving array of featured destinations, that are able to be updated for different seasons, to push travel board promotions, or feature internal promotions for destinations. the user can select a sub-category for the desired destination, and they can either use our pre-loaded suggested destination, or enter their own query. This allows the users to quickly get to the page they are looking for, while providing a fun, and useful experience.

The technology

Front End Figma Next.js React Imgix
Back End Drupal Swiftype Acquia DAM