The project

Lonely Planet publishes an enormous amount of travel inspiration and news stories. We set out to improve the reading and engagement experience for our users on this portion of the website.

The problem

Our article views had some long standing issues. There was no way for editors to set a featured image. The layout was not great on mobile. We were not providing contextual ways for our users to explore the destinations mentioned in each story. Because of this, we saw a high bounce rate, and our pages per session hovered around 1.

The solution

To address this, we added a featured image feature, and optimized the layout for modern mobile devices. We also introduced some logic so that the places mentioned in the story would be populated in the right rail (desktop) and body text (mobile) as clickable elements to help the user get further into the site. The hope is to inspire them to travel to these places.

The technology

Front End React Next.js Swiftype Imgix
Back End Drupal