The project

Most users who come to Lonely Planet have a destination in mind they'd like to research. A good search experience was crucial to ensuring our users end up where they want to go, with minimal hassle.

The problem

Imagine performing a search for the "Eiffel Tower", and when you hit the enter key, you're taken to a new results page with a dated design, and hard to read typography. Looking at the results, the closest hit to "Eiffel Tower" is a restaurant with the same name in rural Spain. This was the state of search on Lonely Planet's site, and we dedicated ourselves to making it better.

The solution

Leveraging our use of Swiftype to cache over 3,000,000 points of interest and 30,000 destinations, we made our global search fast, informative, and optimized for conversions.

The technology

Front End Figma React Next.js Swiftype
Back End Drupal