The project

Lonely Planet is known for stunning photography. Having a robust and gorgeous image gallery is crucial for our users to become inspired to travel.

The problem

Our content team desperately needed a fresh image gallery. The one they were using only allowed for inline images within the body of an article template, and there was no way to surface sponsored content logos, or use affiliate url links. There was a myriad of feature requests, including having a "fullscreen" mode within the gallery, as well as making the gallery function in a basic way within the article body should the user choose not to launch the full gallery. We also thought it would be nice to have links to our destination pages corresponding to where each image was taken.

The solution

We were able to deliver on every major request that was made. We optimized it's performance, created a completely new UI, and added the ability to monetize it with affiliate links and sponsored content placements. What resulted was a robust and engaging way to enjoy Lonely Planet's amazing photos, while providing contextual information about the photo locations to drive a user further into Lonely Planet's content.

The technology

Front End Figma React Next.js Imgix
Back End Drupal Acquia DAM