The client

Seedbed is a faith based publisher with a significant blog presence and daily readership.

The problem

Seedbed had a multi-site WordPress set-up, with over 40 different blog and informational sub-sites. It was cumbersome, hard to keep track of, and lacked a centralized section for authors to upload their content in the event it was used on multiple sites.

They also had an interest to create a responsive web application in which they could provide a guided daily group reading and commentary based on some of their self-published content.

The solution

First, we would re-create their WordPress set-up and pull all 40 sites and properties into one singular WordPress site. This site required logins for over 200 authors, multiple topic sections for posts, and also had over 5 years of near daily post content that needed to be imported.

Second, we would create a Ruby on Rails based responsive web app for their group study sessions. This app made use of a back-end CMS for creating daily readings and articles. It also included a group creation, management, and commenting system, as well as an e-commerce portion to allow users to pay for subscriptions. All of this was displayed in a fully responsive mobile-first UI based on material design.

The technology

Front End Materialize CSS Bourbon/Neat jQuery
Back End Ruby on Rails Rails Admin CMS Spree WordPress